Shanghai Rehabilitation Device Association
作者:严己  来源:上海市康复器具协会  时间:2009-7-29
    Shanghai Rehabilitation Device Association (SRDA), a legally registered non-profit and non-government organization, is organized by and composed of all the prosthetic and orthotic practitioners, medical staff and all the people from other walks of the society who show strong interest in the development of the field in Shanghai under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau as Chinese government attaches more and more importance to building a sound market economy and developing professional associations. The function of SRDA is to coordinate all the sectors to ensure the healthy development of the field.   
    The tenet of SRDA is to protect the legal right of its members, to improve service for the disabled, the old and the handicapped and at the same time to promote the industry itself as well.   
    The philosophy of SRDA is “serving for the members; self-disciplining by the members; representing on behalf of the members and coordinating on the members”. Various kinds of activities on the standardization and transformation of the system, which aims at expanding the potential market, renovating the existing management system, providing mutual exchanges with domestic and foreign counterparts and tapping the personnel resources, will be carried out in accordance with the SRDA Charter under the spirit of democratic centralism. SRDA also bears the responsibility of catering the service on management, technology, marketing and coordination for its members.